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I’ve been trying to make this record for the past several years. It’s a really bad idea to try and make an album while on a TV show, because there’s so many different things to do. Actually, it’s a different process if you’re a songwriter, and you like to produce, and you like to play instruments, and you like to write everything. My dear friend, Lea Michele, put out an album this past… a couple months ago. It’s a different process for her, because she’s a singer, and like an amazing singer, so it’s easier – I don’t say it’s easier, ‘cause it’s a lot of work, and I’m watching my words here… if Lea ever sees this, like… Everybody should know that her process making an album is completely different from what I’m trying to accomplish. It’s just harder for me to go in and try to write everything, and start everything from scratch, and then, you know, the next day shoot a television show, and then two years go by, and then whatever you worked on two years ago is now irrelevant. Anyway. Sorry, I’m watching my words with, like, saying anything negative about Lea Michele, because her fans are gonna kill me. Because, like, don’t get me wrong, I love her, and I love that album. Anyway, it would be really nice to have more time to really give that the attention it deserves. It’ll be, I dunno, I imagine it might alienate some people, or might gain some new people. I don’t know what fans necessarily expect. I’m a man of many tastes, and I hope this album kind of, casts the widest net possible. It will be hopefully like a pop-accessible album, but also weird and quirky enough to where I don’t feel like my integrity was compromised. So, that’s a really complicated way of saying, it’s a difficult puzzle to put together. But, I feel pretty good. I mean, I feel like I have enough songs, it’s just a matter of producing them correctly. So, hopefully that will be out by the time the show is done, to where, if I’m gonna tour that album, you know, I can actually do that. The tour I did this last summer was kinda just for fun for me, and just to play songs and to be with fans again. I don’t know if any of those songs will necessarily be on the album. Maybe one or two of them, I don’t know. That was just more for fun, and to just, you know, get a feel for what touring is again. So hopefully the album will be out, so we’ll do the artist thing.
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Anonymous asked: Mia Swier is not a celebrity, why do people are interested in her? Creepy!


Because she’s a talented woman that actually has EPs with a few bands so that makes her as legit a musician as any other artist out there. Because she has worked so hard and come so far in her day job in a field that is dominated by men and yet she’s working at the peak of her career. Because she gets hate every time she does so much as breathe and yet she lets none of it phase her, she does everything with a smile on her face and nothing but positivity. Because she’s absolutely gorgeous the way she is and knows it and owns it even if its not “traditional” beauty. Because her motto in life is spread love which is something everyone should live by.

You were probably expecting me to say something about how she’s with Darren and it’s because of that, and maybe it is for some people, but its so much more than that.

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Yeah, she is. (…) Oh yeah, she’s been through a lot of stuff but you know, that’s such as the life I suppose. I didn’t know I was gonna be on tv when we started dating. (…) Ah, she’s a big girl! The fact is, you know, we’re all people who- it’s easier to hate than to love so I think we come out on top. (…) Oh yeah! We’ve been together a long time. (…) Oh yeah, it’s the worst, people are so mean. But that’s just the age we live in. I like to say mean people tend to be louder than nice people so nice people don’t make the news.

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